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Facebook has now become more...


Mark Zuckerberg presented an apology to the US Congress, saying, "We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and...

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Apple celebrates 10-year...


Apple celebrates 10-years of progress and technical development of the App Store since it launched ,In the same time Phil...

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RoboGarden on Product Hunt


RoboGarden is featured on Product Hunt in the highly upvoted games list.

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GESS Education Awards


RoboGarden has been nominated for the 2018 GESS Dubai Innovation Products award. These awards are presented to suppliers and/or...

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Startup Grind Names 50...


Startup Grind announced today the induction of 50 Companies into the 2018 Class of Startups. The Startup Program recognizes the...

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One million Arab coders


There’s less than a week before applications open for the One Million Arab Coders initiative. Created by Mohammed bin Rashid al...

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