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You can from RoboGarden platform learn to code with Minecraft using visual code blocks. With the Code Connection, you can view your code in RoboGarden right next to Minecraft and run your programs with just a ‘Run’ click.

To learn the basics of coding, use RoboGarden to complete Minecraft missions, where you navigate your Agent through different obstacles and tasks.

Get Started

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For installation and setup of Minecraft, see Minecraft’s Get Started resources. Once you have downloaded Minecraft, you just need to set up Code Builder to connect RoboGarden and Minecraft..

  1. Download Code Connection for Minecraft from here

  2. Now login to RoboGarden and go to minecraft missions

  3. Open 'Code Connection' and 'Minecraft'

How to connect

Once you’ve chosen a mission to get started with, you’ll be taken to the RoboGarden Tutorial, where you can start coding!

  1. In the Code Connection, click 'Copy to Clipboard' to copy the command.

  2. Go to Minecraft and click ‘T’, you will see chat command opened.

  3. Now paste the command into the command line, now you are connected to Minecraft.

  4. Enable cheats for your world from Minecraft settings, Enjoy RoboGarden with Minecraft.

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